Full web based software as a service solution – SaaS.

Complete workflow solution from capture to remittance & collections including integrated email, sms, telephone calls & payment solutions.

  • Built on a Knowledge Base developed over decades using
    State of the Art Technology
  • Paperless – Current and History
  • PACS and RIS Vendor independent
  • Platform Independent
  • No Software required other than a Web Browser
  • Work List Driven
  • Immediate Claim Submission and Response –
    on line (WCA Claims Included)
  • Daily Balancing and control
  • Strong Security and Backup
  • No Downtime
  • Work on Current Month before closing Previous Month
  • Work on New Year from 1 Second past 12 on the First Of Jan
  • Slick Secure Daily and Monthly Balancing routines creating Accruals for  work processed before and after Month End Close
  • Pricing Tables, Medical Aid Tables always up to date – National Accepted and Published coding systems used
  • Custom and overriding Table Codes Facilitated
  • No upfront and on-going hardware cost
  • Secure Access 24/7 from PC, iPad and smartphone
  • Redundancy site
  • Up to date Information – available anywhere, at any time
  • History kept and immediately available of every single transaction date and time stamped
  • Day End and Month End reports (History and Current) available on line at the click of a button
  • No need to file and store reams of paper
  • Effective tracing
  • Daily tracing work lists with Immediate message, SMS and e-mail facility at the users’ fingertips
  • Self-Configured Message Tables