eRAD’s Meaningful Use-Certified RIS is a comprehensive solution designed from the ground up by a team of veteran imaging center operators, radiologists and programmers—all working together to solve real-world problems in today’s busy, multi-site imaging centers.



Ready with real-time analytics

Features are not an add-on after-thought, but integrated into eRAD RIS, so that you gain every advantage of eligibility. Full MU reporting provides high-level and granular results, in real time.


Integrated speech recognition and reporting

State-of-the-art voice recognition, STAT exam management and report templates (made fast and flexible with macros) are a few of the ways eRAD RIS boosts reading productivity.


Resource optimization via multi-site scheduling

Users can see combined and filtered lists of next available appointments—including complicated, multi-procedure visits—across facilities, similar to airline-based scheduling. Modalities, rooms and even patient preferences can be scheduled across sites to keep patient throughput as high as possible and expensive resources fully utilized.


Integrated mammography tracking and reporting

Automatic patient follow-up and tracking is based on BI-RADS® assessments, which assists in meeting MQSA requirements for accreditation. Special breast imaging reports can be securely shared, and tracking increases patient loyalty.


After evaluating RIS offerings in 2010 for its own imaging centers, RadNet (the country’s largest owner/operator of outpatient imaging centers) started from scratch. The company teamed with experienced RIS software developers to commission a new RIS for their imaging centers. Strong collaboration among expert imaging center administrators, operators, radiologists, and IT professionals resulted in a new and comprehensive workflow automation solution—one that offers an unparalleled combination of tools and features specifically designed to meet the challenges of medical imaging in today’s market.

Audits, role-based reporting, sophisticated and calculated resource allocation—these eRAD RIS features empower you to plug time and revenue leaks. With robust tools, management reports and real-time dashboards, you can track patient progress—including the full scope of meaningful-use requirements— and radiologist and user productivity, including peer reviews for quality. Centrally manage patient information, documents, procedure schedules, insurance verification, procedure authorizations and room allocations for single or multiple sites from a single, integrated application. The powerful search, patient merge and auto-populate functions allow you to avoid costly data errors. Tight integration with eRAD PACS enhances workflow beyond a traditional RIS/PACS interface, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

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