With full support for distributed environments requiring global worklist access, eRAD PACS is the foundation for your radiology imaging workflow.

More than just a PACS, eRAD is a comprehensive workflow solution that addresses many of the challenges of today’s distributed reading environments. Since 1999, radiology groups and Teleradiology service providers in particular have relied on eRAD for its flexibility and configurability—for the innovative way it quickly moves images to the radiologist instead of the radiologist to the images. Evolving from one of the early web-based PACS for remote reading, eRAD has become so much more—offering a complete suite of tools and solutions designed to support the business of acquiring, reading and reporting from anywhere.


Clean, secure data across multiple sites

eRAD PACS enables secure image uploading across the web, scanned document sharing and data coercion—which forces consistency across disparate systems while maintaining data integrity.

Increased speed with image pre-fetch and pre-cache

eRAD can pre-fetch relevant priors from third-party archives so that comparison studies are ready and so that complex legacy migrations are unnecessary. Get optimum efficiency via rules-based pre-caching of studies to the radiologist’s workstation (i.e., any computer connected to the Internet) in advance of viewing.

Configurable, event-driven workflow

eRAD’s sophisticated, easy-to-manage rules-based engine allows users to create any trigger or event that will make the workflow more efficient, including study assignments, auto-notification via email or SMS, pre-fetching priors, pre-caching studies to a remote workstation, auto-printing and auto-faxing. eRAD rules are easy to manage, build, change and assign.

Zero-Footprint Web Viewer

eRAD’s mobile HTML5 browser-based web viewer delivers simple, secure access to imaging results from mobile devices, such as a tablet or smartphone. Referring physicians, surgeons, clinicians and technologists can view patient and study details, clinical reports and images quickly when and where they need it.

Mammography Module

Fully integrated with eRAD PACS, the Mammography Module provides a full toolset for breast imaging and eliminates the need for a dedicated mammography workstation—potentially saving hours of productivity and thousands in support costs.

Access and manage any study—the heart of your practice workflow—with eRAD’s scalable, web-based, enterprise PACS solution. Multiple acquisition and reporting sites can distribute, share and archive data securely, using worklists and multi-modality protocols that are tailored to each. Users can navigate studies from a single worklist, customized to the role and preferences of each. Get faster report turnarounds thanks to pre-fetching, load balancing and embedded dictation. Data integrity is not only preserved but improved, even across multiple PACS, so that clinicians can be confident in the data, and they can be accurate and productive.